Vision and Mission


    To create an inspiring new breed of global citizens equipped to face a fast changing world with roots in Indian tradition and global learning.


    To achieve the vision by:

    Offering this new education platform with world class facilities such as audio visual to enable visual learning, sports facilities to inculcate knowledge and desire to shine in sports, and knowledge centre with world class books for reference, embedded in a traditional environment.

    Offering an unusual education system that combines the best of Vedic education and modern education with exposure to universal values and practices with regard to elements, causes and concerns both in developed and developing countries of the world.

    Offer this education to the children of parents who have a vision for their children to acquire an education enriched with traditional Indian values combined with modern education, which can create the scope for students to travel abroad to further the values and causes of India.

Principal's Desk



Principal’s Message



Dear Stakeholder,

SKMSVM believes the best way to enhance trust among parents towards school is to build a golden triangle of collaboration among teacher, student and parent.

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Welcome to Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir, a unique school, from Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Trust.

Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Trust was started with the objective to bring Mahaswami's message of peace and happiness to a wider audience so that more people benefit by knowing about him and be influenced by his thinking.

Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir presents a revolutionary concept in education. A system that seamlessly fuses Vedic studies from ancient India with contemporary CBSE education.

This will be achieved by amalgamating the highest form of traditional learning drawn from our heritage, with modern education. Your child thus receives the finest of education empowering him intellectually, spiritually and physically. In the process, it moulds him to be a world citizen rooted unwaveringly to his cultural values and ethos.

The Vidya Mandir will provide a nurturing environment for your child not only to pursue academic studies but also follow his passion in the field of arts, sports or any other field of endeavour. Your child will thus be in a position to develop the body, mind and the intellect in a manner that makes best use of his aptitude, talents and skills. Unleashing the creative potential in your child through this process will be the priority for the Vidya Mandir.

The Vidya Mandir provides a range of facilities to enable and accelerate this transformation. The campus has a gymnasium, a sports centre, playground, meditation centre, a well-furnished library, a museum, and a computer laboratory. Read More »