Special Event


Jan 03,04


  • Friday & Saturday 2014
  • Venue: SKMSVM

On account of unveiling the statue of saint Thiruvalluvar on 15th January 2014, various inter school competitions were conducted. Oratorical and Essay competitions on 3rd and Recitation and Singing competitions on 4th January were held. Topics were related to Thirukural. Mrs. Usharani and Mrs. Vijayameenakshi from Sri Sankara Higher Secondary School judged the students. There was also a debate for the parents and Mrs. Vasantha Balasubramanian former D.A.V. Principal was the judge. Hundred and seventy right students from fourteen schools participated in various competitions. The Prize winners will be honoured on 15th January during the function.


Dec 10


  • Tuesday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

A unique whole brain development program was organized. The accuracy and speed of maths calculation using the ten fingers were spell bound. The Vedic maths calculations with the patterns were briefed. How to make the children to retain words in their memory was demonstrated. It was insisted that the thinking techniques – lateral thinking and how to think differently would help the students to reach better heights. In short, "if the students are guided and encouraged in proper channels they would perform well" was the message conveyed.


Dec  06, 07


  • Friday & Saturday 2013
  • Venue: Kendriya Vidyalaya Anna Nagar

An orientation workshop on new trends, techniques and methodology of teaching Sanskrit was conducted at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Anna Nagar on 6th and 7th of December. The programme was organized by MR. S. Rao, the chief CBSE CEO and MR. Namasivayam, Principal of Sahodaya School. Two teachers Mr. Om Prakash and Mr. Sethu Madhav were deputed to participate on behalf of our school for the two days “Shilpashala”. Special training, direct method of teaching and proper usage of teaching materials were demonstrated.


Nov 29


  • Friday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Macmillan organized an enrichment program for the English teachers on 29th November at Deccan Plaza. Two Staff - Mrs. Bhanumathi.K and Mrs. Sarulatha.S participated on behalf of the school. Prof. T.N.Raju, the resource person from Bangalore discussed on the importance of language in a student’s life

The topics discussed were

  • Tasks to be followed in FA’s and SA’s.
  • Components of listening, reading and speaking skills.
  • Scope for speaking and expressing views.


A Power-point presentation was given by the macmillan team on the innovations in their texts. Certificates were distributed for the participants.


Nov 14


  • Thursday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Children’s day was celebrated with great pomp and show. The stage was decorated with colourful posters and cards to make the children happy.

Various competitions had been announced for the students at different levels.

  • KG - Drawing
  • I-V - Fancy Dress
  • VI-VIII - Fashion Show



The assembly was conducted by the teachers followed by the various competitions. The competitions gave the students a lot of encouragement. The air was filled with cheer and enthusiasm. The day’s event engraved a very pleasant memory in the hearts of the students.


Nov 13


  • Wednesday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

A mass chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama took place inour school on 13th November from 9AM to 10AM. All our students participated in the mass chanting and invoked the blessings of the divine. On the same day two of our students S.Navaneetha Krishnan of VII B and S. Sriram of VIII B participated in the competition held by Chennai group of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama mandalis at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, T.Nagar and won medals and trophics.


Oct 28


  • Monday 2013
  • Venue: Maharishi Vidya Mandir

Arya Publications organized a mathematics orientation programme on 28.10.13 at Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Chetpet.Two Staff, Mrs. C. Vidya and Mr. V. Rajathi participated in the programme.Prof. M.L. Aggarwal, the resource person discussed on the triangles and its properties.The topic was mainly about IX and X syllabus and also about the new open text based assessment. Certificate were distributed for the participants and books (IX and X) were issued.The session was an eye- opener to the latest techniques used in maths.


Oct 26


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: B.S.Moota Sr. Sec. School

The oxford University Press conducted a workshop for teachers handling VI – VIII at B.S.Moota. Sr. Sec. School.The three kinds of understanding maths- understanding concepts, procedures and to handle conventions were discussed.Mrs C. Vidya and Mrs. Rajeswari attended the workshop.Teachers were asked to encourage the students to think and reason out for every action.Video display on teaching and learning process motivated the teachers.In short, the workshop emphasized on understanding concepts rather than conventions and procedures.


Oct 26


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: Chennai Public School

Ratna Sagar (P) Ltd organized a seminar for the science teachers handling classes I – VIII.Mrs. Pushpakarani and Mrs. C.G.Latha from our school attended the seminar on 26.10.13, Saturday at Chennai Public School, mugapair.Mr. Gagen Gupta, the resource person addressed the meeting on various topics, regarding scientific activities.Various experiments on light topic was discussed.Tp brief, the seminar motivated the teaching community and enhanced their teaching skill.


Oct 24


  • Thursday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Students of Class VII and VIII were taken to Vivekananda School at chrompet to visualize the exhibition at their school premises.They were taken in four topics accompanied by four staff and one  - Mrs. Anitha, Mr. Om Prakash, Mr. Punniya Murthi, Mr. Sridhar and Mr. Rajamani.They started around 9.30 AM and returned to the school by 3.30 PM.The exhibits were mainly on science and Vedic maths.Students eagerly saw the exhibits and got an idea of how to be creative in doing models and the way it has to be explained.In short, the trip was educative and informative.


Oct 03


  • Thursday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Classes VI,VII and VIII attended the Vedic maths program in the last two periods on 03.10.2013.It was about Vedic maths techniques to solve problems quickly and accurately.Higher order applications like trigonometry, Algebra, Calculus through Vedic maths were focussed.Simple methods to calculate difficult operations were taught.Mental calculations were insisted to save time and also boost mental alertness.Students participated enthusiastically and they were cheerful throughout the workshop.


Oct 02


  • Wednesday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Students of our school rendered their homage to the Father of our Nation on 2nd October 2013.The Principal, Mr. K.G.Krishnamachari started the day’s programme by garlandingthe Gandhi statue in the school premises.It was followed by the speeches – Tamil, English and Hindi. Various incidents and principle’s from Gandhi’s life.The Bhajan “Raghupathiragave rajaram”, one of Gandhi’s favourite was the highlight of the day.The school’s music troop ended the day’s programme by playing the National Anthem.In short, the patriotic spirit of the students was kindled by the various performances.


Sep 27


  • Friday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Principal Mr. K.G.Krishnamachari welcomed the vedic parents.The previous year water-exhibition was shown to the parents.The parents were motivated to do mass projects and group themselves on the topic they prefer.The information’s about all the topics were displayed and discussed.Parent’s names for various topics were registered with phone numbers.The meeting was held in two sessions.


Sep 26


  • Wednesday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Mr. Thiyagaraju and Mr. Karthik, the co-ordinator of Times of India organized the calligraphy and drawing competition on 26th September in our school premises.All the students of standard IV to VIII participated enthusiastically.Around 11o Clock the students of Std IV to VIII assembled in the Audio Visual Room for the prize distribution.Principal, Mr. K.G.Krishnamachari, the in charge Mrs. Hemavathee and the newspaper Co- ordinator Mrs. Sarulatha hosted the event.Sheethal of VII B welcomed the gathering. The Principal motivated the students to inculcate the habit of reading newspaper.The best three participants from each level were awarded with a trophy and a certificate.The event ended with vote of thanks by Prakriti Ramakrish, Student of Class VII A.


Sep 25


  • Wednesday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Times of India conducted a workshop for the students of our school at our campus on 25th September.Mr. Joe Vasanth from NIE discussed the fun in learning maths with the students of Std VI,VII and VIII in the Audio Visual Room.The session was very lively and interesting students participated in an amazing manner.Mr. Sivaramakrishnan who took the other session motivated the students to have a positive approach.He inspired them to channelize their energies and focus on discharging their duties with commitment and integrity.The students were made to realize that they have a great responsibility to shoulder and chisel themselves to have an indelible mark on the school’s progress and development.In short, the session was educative and informative.


Sep 14


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: St. Britto’s Academy

Ratna Sagar(P) Ltd organized a seminar on math teaching on 14.09.13 Saturday at St. Britto’s Academy, Velachery.Mrs. C. Vidhya and Mrs. Rajathi represented our school.The seminar was conducted by Mrs. Subha, a well-known person in organizing workshops.

The topics discussed in the seminar are as follows :

  • How to solve problems easily.
  • Ways of planning before teaching.
  • Maths is completely concept oriented.
  • Innovative methods of teaching math.
  • Paper folding methods to teach types of angels.
  • Connecting maths with other subjects


To brief, the seminar was an eye- opener to use innovative methods for solving various problems.


Sep 05


  • Thursday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Teacher’s Day celebration started with prayer song followed by the Welcome speech.The chief guest, Mrs. Vasatha Mahadevan presided over the day’s function.She inspired the students by her motivating speech.Various cultural programmes were performed enthusiastically by the students.The Celebration came to an end with the National Anthem.


Aug 31


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Mrs. Margaret, the pioneer in the field of education and CBSE resource person conducted a Workshop for the teachers in the Audio Visual Room from 2.15 to 5.30PM.The Principal, MR. K.G.Krishnamachari welcomed Mrs. Margaret followed by a formal address by Mrs. Lalitha Mahadevan.Mrs. Margaret started the workshop with a slide show of how to nurture the children with care and concern.She insisted that the primary aim of education is not to enable the students to do well in school but to teach them how to perform their duties in life.She discussed about matters relating to CBSE board.She specified the role of a teacher and how she plays the vital role in a student’s life.She explained about the left and the right brain and the various skills contains.Teachers were advised to follow practical methods in the lab and create interest in the students.The pattern and parameter for FA’s and SA’s were made clear.Madam insisted on multidisciplinary projects and explained how it has to be a co-related.Tips were given of how to handle the children with various learning style.The meeting came to an end with the vote of thanks. The Principal extended his whole hearted thanks for making the workshop lively, informative, humours and innovative.In short, the session was an eye – opener of how to execute the various tasks and excel in teaching the teachers were very attentive and they even requested madam to organize another session for a whole day.


Aug 15


  • Thursday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

The Principal Mr. K.G.Krishnamachari planned to have a grand celebration on the Independence Day.March Past of the four groups, skit, dance, group song and speech were practised by the students to perform on Independence Day.Unfortunately due to the bad weather conditions the programme was postponed.In spite of the heavy showers, the Principal, Staff, Parents and Vedic students assembled in the school to express their patriotism for their country.The Chief guest Mr. Balasubramanian – Director Cognizant Technology hoisted the National Flag.The Principal Mr. K. G. Krishnamachari delivered the welcome address followed by the patriotic songs sung by the students.After that, the Vedic students gathered in the Audio Visual Room to listen to Mr. Balasubramanian’s Speech.They also interacted with the chief guest.


Aug 12


  • Thursday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

August 12th being the Library Day various activities related to library was observed on this day.The Principal had motivated both the students and the teachers to have a classroom library for it would be a great help to the students to develop their reading habit.The teacher’s motivation and the student’s active participation in bringing books for their class room library was overwhelming.At present, Std I to IV have a small library of their own in their respective classes.Students of Std V- VII were informed earlier to prepare themselves for a Quiz competition.Questions were asked on various topics – Books and authors, Quotes, Spelling, Great Personalities, information about library.To sum up, the day was informative and the students were motivated to enrich their knowledge by reading books.


Aug 10


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

The Times of India conducted a workshop for the vedic students on 10th August 2013 at 10A.M.The Students were divided into 3 groups – Classes I,II & III, Classes IV & V and Classes VI,VII & VIII.Two persons, Mr. Sivaramakrishnan and Mr. Sunmuga Sundaram were present to give their ideas to the Vedic students on various topics.Mr. Shanmuga Sundaram addressed the students of Std  I,II and III. He encouraged them to read more books.He narrated stories and cracked jokes to keep the children’s active.He spoke about the Independence Day and the freedom struggle and made the children to take a pledge – to work for the well being of our country.Mr. Sivaramakrishnan addressed the students of Std IV and V assembled in the Bhajan room.He encouraged them to present their articles for publication.He discussed the various qualities a public speaker should possess.The same person addressed the students of std VI, VII and VIII assembled in the Audio Visual Room.He spoke about the basic ethics in a person’s life.The universal human values were explained with the help of various stores.Various scenarios and the reactions were given. Students were asked of how they would react in such situations.The workshop came to an end with the interaction of the students.


The British Council held a workshop on "Introduction to International to International Learning, on 8th August 2013 at British Council, 737 Anna Salai, Chennai – 600002.This workshop was attended by the Principal Mr. K. G. Krishnamachari and a senior teacher Mrs. Lalitha Mahadevan.The workshop was to introduce their new connecting classrooms programme which aimed to equip principal and teachers for global citizenship and international learning in the classroom.

The workshop covered:

  • Introduction to International learning and Global citizenship.
  • Application of these concepts to existing curriculum for enhanced teaching and learning.
  • Support from the British Council in
    • Introducing overseas schools through an online database of more than 33000 schools from more than 180 countries.
    • Recognising the participating schools with the International School Award
    • Benefits and challenges of working with schools abroad.
    • Action planning.



Aug 06


  • Tuesday 2013
  • Venue: Vandalur Zoo

Seeing is believing. Field trip is one of them. So, the school organized for a field trip for Std I and II to Vandalur Zoo as the syllabus was based on wild animals.104 Children were taken, accompanied by eleven teachers and two attainders.Children were taken for a drive by the zoo battery vehicle to view the zoo.Birds such as kingfisher, flamingos, pelicans have been sighted gravitating towards the water bodies.Then the children were taken in the Lion Safari vehicle to view the lion and the white tiger.The students enjoyed the trip and had an enthralling experience


Jul 30


  • Tuesday 2013
  • Venue: Central Station

48 Children of std VIII A& B accompanied by 3 staff- Mrs. Pushpakarani, Mr. SethuMadav and Mr. Puniyamurthi went on a field trip to Central Railway Station.They started at 8.30 A.M from school in 3 private vans and reached the spot around 10.30A.M.It was the Science express on wheels from Delhi saptarjung from 9th April 2013.The main aim was a special reach to the children about biodiversity ( Extinct & endangered species ).They reached the school by 3.30P.M.The trip was really educative and informative


Jul 28


  • Sunday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

The meeting of the Vedic parents was held on 28th July 2013.Various grievances of the Vedic parents on health, project, etc. Were discussed.The Vedic parents interaction with the teachers regarding their wards academic performance was rescheduled from 29th September to 27th September.After the meeting all the matters were reported to Mani mama.


Jul 20


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar, Chennai

Ratna Sagar (p) Ltd, Chennai arranged for Chennai Sahodaya on 20.07.2013,Saturday at Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar on the topic : Innovative methods of teaching social studies.Two of our teachers – Mrs. Vijayalakshmi and Mrs. K. Anuradha attended the meeting.The seminar started around 10.00 A.M and the full session was chaired by Mrs.Padmini Sriraman, the Principal of Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar.

The seminar was related to the following topics :

  • Latest techniques and tools in social studies.
  • Mind map techniques.
  • Records to be maintained by social studies teachers.
  • The mode of assessment.
  • Easy ways to tackle the late bloomers.

In short, the seminar was very innovative, useful and helped the teachers to update their knowledge


Jul 20


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM
Proceedings Pre KG,LKG,UKG (10.00a.m to 11 a.m)
Pre KG Report Reading 5 Minutes
LKG Report Reading 5 Minutes
UKG Report Reading 5 Minutes
Open Discussions 30 Minutes
Conclusion 15 Minutes
  60 Minutes
Proceedings I,II,III,IV (11.30 a.m to 12.30 p.m) V,VI,VII,VIII (2.00 p.m to 3.00 p.m)
Issue of Work Plan Sheet 15 Minutes 15 Minutes
General Discussions 30 Minutes 30 Minutes
Conclusion 15 Minutes 15 Minutes
  60 Minutes 60 Minutes

The Parents teachers interaction for PreKG,L.K.G and U.K.G started at 10:00A.M in the Audio Visual Room -1 with the prayer song.The Principal Mr. K.G.Krishnamachari gave a brief introduction about the CBSE Triangular interaction.Teachers of Pre K.G, L.K.G and U.K.G informed the parents about the planned syllabus for the first semester.The school timings for the K.G’s was made clear to the parents.The Principal asked the teachers of the respective classes to distribute the planned worksheets to the parents. An open discussion was announced.Issues on Voice mail, Home work and Uniform were made clear.The second session for std I-IV started at 11:30 A.M.Mrs. Lalitha Mahadevan gave a brief introduction and insisted on queries only on academic performance and no personal issues.Teachers handling various subjects from class I-IV informed the planned syllabus for FA2 and SA1.At the end of the session Mrs. Lalitha Mahadevan requested the parents to go to the respective classes of their wards to check the FA1 papers.The Third session for Std V – VIII started at 2 : 00 P.M.The Principal addressed the gathering and intimated the teachers to give the planned worksheets to the parents.Teachers handling different subjects introduced themselves and explained about the various assessments made in their subjects.They also suggested few ideas to the parents which would help their children to excel in their academics.The meeting came to an end with Mrs. Lalitha Mahadevan’s vote of thanks.


Jun 30


  • Sunday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

 Nearly 200 Vedic parents assembled in the Audio Visual Room for a meeting with the CBSE Principal as well as Vedic Principal along with the Vedic Welfare Committee members.The CBSE Principal discussed on the following topics- home work, assignment, project and uniform.The CBSE Principal insisted to give time for the Vedic students to study after dinnerThe CBSE Principal informed the parents about the introduction of smart class and the extra coaching given specially for the Vedic students after regular school hours.The Vedic Principal took over after the CBSE Principal’s address.The CBSE Principal departed the room while the Vedic Principal had a discussion with the Vedic Parents.


Jun 29


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

The Principal arranged a workshop for the parents to create an awareness about their wards projects.Nearly 75 to 100 parents assembled in the Audio Visual Room around 10 A.M.The Workshop started with a prayer song followed by the Principal’s brief note on the issues of home work, class work, formative assessment and summative assessment.The Principal gave a clear picture of how a project should be done using zero cost materials.Various projects in different subjects were explained verbally and visually.The workshop was an eye-opener for the parents who had a wrong notion regarding projects.Both teachers and parents expressed their views.The Principal concluded his speech by advising the parents to encourage their children to do the projects on their own.Parents were allowed to meet the teachers for further clarifications.


Jun 23


  • Sunday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Madras University conducted their P.G(Distance Education ) in the school premises.The exams were held on 8th,9th,15th,16th,22nd and 23rd of June 2013.Nearly three thousand students had the opportunity to enter the portals of Sri Kanchi Mahasami Vidya Mandir.The exams were well organized and the candidate were pleased by the arrangements of the school.


Apr 29


  • Monday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Dr. K. Mohana, the Principal of Modern senior Secondary School conducted a workshop for the teachers about the examination reforms and Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation.The meeting commenced with the Welcome address.Dr. Mohana started her speech by quoting Tagore’s words that, “Learning is a joyful experience”.A slide show was presented by madam on the various steps taken by the government for the improvement of student’s education.She insisted to add value based questions in all the subjects as per the instruction given by the board.She specified the maintenance of Portfolio record, Anecdotal record, Achievement record and the functioning of various clubs.Teachers were advised to equip themselves with the latest technological advancements to excel in their performance.Madam made it clear that the old traditional way of teaching has to be replaced by a diagnostic and lateral thinking.Worksheets for different subjects were distributed and opinions of the teachers were shared.She requested the teachers to inculcate moral values- the need of the hour, to the students of all classes.The meeting came to an end with the Principal’s Vote of thanks. He extended his wholehearted thanks to Dr. Mohana, for the support and co- operation she renders to our school.In short, the session was informative and enlightened the minds of our teachers. They were motivated to perform well in their career.


Apr 27


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

The meeting for the Vedic parents started at 1:30 P.M. in the Audio Visual Room with the Prayer song.The Principal addressed the gathering. With the help of the Slide Show the Principal explained about the stream of education in CBSE school

The two types of assessment.

  • Formative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment

Were clearly explained to the parents.The system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation was explained in a detailed manner.There was a good interaction and the parents were really happy.A few suggestions were given by the parents.Mani Mama requested the parents to give the needful suggestions in writing.The Principal asked the parents to help their children in doing their projects and to inculcate good habits in them.The meeting came to an end at 3:00P.M.


Apr 15


  • Monday 2013

Ten Students from Class VI, VII and VIII accompanied by the teacher, Mrs. Pushpakarani went to Periyar Science and Technology centre to meet the scientist Dr. K.G.Kumar, Director Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore.The topic for Discussion was Hand’s on experience on Science experiments to learn scientific Principle’s.The programme was organised by Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre.The Students were asked to solve Mathematical puzzles and Brain Teasers.Our Students interaction with the Scientist was lively and informative.The programme was telecasted by Polimer T.V. on the same day at 10 P.M.


Apr 13


  • Saturday 2013
  • Venue: SKMSVM

Chennai Group of Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Mandali’s in association with Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir presented the Chennayil Sri Vishnu Sahasranama ‘Maha Kodi’ namavali Archanai on 13th April 2013, eve of Tamil New Year Day.The planned schedule started around 1 PM in the music hall and came to an end at 5 PM.Many devotees participated and received the blessings of the Lord.


Apr 10


  • Wednesday 2013
  • Venue:  SKMSVM

Sri Kanchi Maha Swami Vidya Mandir was blessed to witness the celestial wedding of Lord Srinivasa with goddess Padmavathi on Wednesday 10th April 2013.The idols of the God and Goddess were brought from Tirumala.The school premises was filled with the sound of the mantras and the fragrance of the flowers at the dawn of Wednesday.The grand wedding started around 6 PM.His holiness Pujyasri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal enriched the occasion by his benign presence.Our school chairman, the dynamic personality Shri.V.Shankar, who lights the lives of thousands with his constructive actions along with the other governing council members toiled round the clock to make the occasion a great success.Arrangements were made for a live telecast in Sankara T.V.The wedding came to an end around 9:00 PM and the participants deported the school happily for having received the bountiful blessings of the Lord.


Mar 9


  • Saturday 2013

Our School has been affiliated to CBSE.

Affliation No : 1930439